Safepoint on non-WD NAS?

There is an old list of valid non-WD targets for Safepoints but the list has not been updated in a long time. Is anybody on this forum successfully using relatively new Synology NAS devices as a target for MBL Safepoints? I have a Synology DS218. MBL sees the NAS but says it cannot see any shares on it. I can access the shares (or at least see them) from Windows 10 so I know they exist. I don’t know if this is an incompatibility or (more likely) an incorrectly configured DS218.

Hi Pokeefe, is that list here avaiable?

Im trying to make a safepoint in a USB hdd attached to my router and Im getting “not valid safepoint” error, it copies all the files but ends with that error so if I click on UPDATE starts all over…
What’s your status?

The list is available somewhere on the web. It was in a very old WD Knowledge Base article. I have no idea what search argument I used but it probably had MyBookLive, Safepoint, and devices. It listed various NAS drives that would work as targets.

I just now found this:
I don’t think it is the list I had initially found.

It does not list any routed with a USB drive attached, but it sounds like your router makes the USB drive appear as an SMB-accessed share. That is obviously enough to get the Safepoint creation started. (That’s a lot farther than I got!) It sounds like something failed a validation process.

You could open a case with WD Support about this but expect they will be much help. They might be able to tell you what that error message means.

thanks pokeefe, I’ve already did and yes… Im getting answers that Im really surprised about. Like if they were joking with me…
“connect the USB to your My BOok Live back USB port and…”
But Im sending the logs, hopefully after 10 emails they will redirect to some other support level

There are some models of MyBookLive - Duo, I think - that do have a USB port. Mine do not. Considering thew MyBookLive is no longer being sold it’s not too surprising that WD support is not very familiar with it. But I suspect the real reason is that level 1 support is not familiar with any device; they are just following a script.

it’s funny because I bought mine in Amazon 4 months ago… :s

I’m sure there’s a stockpile of them. I haven’t checked lately but they weren’t available from WD about 6 months ago.

could be…
thank you Pokeefe,

ok sidenote to “our” situation, Ive decided to make a test, fully backed up my data and updated to the latest firmware and factory restored my disk, then when I tried to create the safepoint I was unable to find the USB destination of my router…
So, they really f… us up because they really want us only to do safepoints to anoter NAS… not to another SMB share… f…