Safepoint on EX2

Is there anyway to create a safepoint using an attached usb 3 drive on the EX2?

You can check page 68 of the manual for information on how to backup your files to a USB storage.

That is true. But what I was hoping for was a way to create a snapshot of the ex2 in a periodic auto way

I fully understand the current NAS to USB / USB to NAS ability is a basic copy function that allows simple copying of a folder between the NAS and a USB device in either direction.  As a simple bidirectional copy function it certainly meets that basic premise, but WD should improve the feature set of the USB copy feature and I am not the first to ask for this.

  1. Give us the ability to create a USB copy job that allows multiple source folders, currently we can only create one source folder per USB copy.

2) Give us the ability to select from either a full copy mode or incremental copy mode based on a file’s modification date/time (e.g., if the modification date/time of the source file is newer than the file on the destination or there is no corresponding file on the destination, then copy/overwrite that file otherwise skip it)

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…and 3) give us the option of scheduling backups on NAS to USB. This is basic functionality that is present already in Safepoint. Why not just provide that for EX2/EX4??

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