Safepoint not shown on Dashboard

I have just set up My Cloud and am trying to set up a regular safepoint but where the instructions manual says safepoint should be on my dashboard it is not there - the option is replaced with ‘backup’ - how can I set up a safepoint??

You have downloaded the wrong manual; you have the Gen1/v4 manual, and you need the Gen2/v2 manual.

WD, in their wisdom, decided to change the name of the function. I’m not sure if the function itself changed… Personally, I prefer the use of conventional function names like ‘backup’, over those invented by marketing.

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Not only did they change the name, they changed the function too which partially cripples the backup feature. Even worse they didn’t properly edit the v2.x single bay My Cloud User Manual either. It still references Safepoint in several instances even though it is now called “Backup” on the v2.x single bay My Cloud Dashboard. [face palm]

Apparently the Backup feature of the v2.x single bay My Cloud units cannot backup to another v2.x single bay My Cloud (see this link for WD’s explanation). Worse is WD apparently removed the scheduling option so one can no longer schedule a backup to a USB drive (see this link in the Cloud Ideas subforum).


I had a vague recollection that it had been crippled, and I found that article while looking into the other safepoint question currently on the forum… More marketing: vertical product line differentiation. I have a vague recollection someone (Fox_exe?) has found the device configuration file that turns the Remote Server on, allowing users to climb up the vertical product ladder…

But I don’t use Safepoint or Backup, as there are too many reports of it being flaky, so wasn’t sure…

Yes Safepoint can be flaky. What I currently do is run it every few months, but instead have Free File Sync configured to copy the contents of the My Cloud Shares into the same folders created by the Safepoint backup on a USB drive that is attached to a PC. Every now and then Safepoint throws an error on the main Safepoint screen about the backup not being complete or some such, yet no yellow warning message in the notifications icon area. Instead it indicates the backup was complete or performed.