Safepoint Failure

I am having horrifc bother with my My Cloud.  Following the latest automatic firmware update, my device has stopped working.  i had numerous issues with flashing lights etc. however have at last managed to reset it to factory settings.  I thought now I would be fine as all I had to do was restore my data from my safepoint.  No such luck:

“Event title: An error occured while recovering data from your safepoint.”

“Event description: 18 - There wasw an error recovering data from your safepoint Backup…”

“Event code: 1103”

Can anyone shed any light on why my safepoint is not functioning as intended and help me restore my data???

Many Thanks :slight_smile:


I also tried to restore from safepoint using the UI after I did a factory restore upon upgrading to 4.0 firmware. The safepoint restore operation failed because of an unsupported or unauthorized share operation (whatever it said). 

The good thing is that you can copy your files manually back to your shares.