Safepoint Failure


sonce i have purchased my 2T Mycloud I haven’t been able to successfully run a safepoint procedure.

Additional information

  1. I have a 2TB MYcloud NAS, with latest firmware (the one just released, but i had issues also with past revision)

  2. I have 2TB WD MY book attached via USB 3.0

  3. I get variuous errors, but in any case any data has been copied to the HD, only a few forlders were created.

4.Errors codes: 

Codice evento:1100,1102

  1. Everytime i try to create a new safepoint i always delete via panel the past safepoint and manually delete any folder created on the disk

6.  Everytime i try to create a new safepoint i always restart the NAS.

Any suggestion? 



As a recommendation, perform a full factory restore on the unit.

Please see the following links as this might help you.