Safepoint fails because script points to old deleted target folder

I have deleted old safepoints and my current safepoint fails. This is an entry in the WDnas.log:

ERROR: SafeptInstance(3684): 107944935801257069488751194608839889403: Safe-Point is not allocated - target folder ‘/var/media/My_Book//_WDPROT/WDSAFE/30thMarch2019’ missing

30thMarch2019 used to be a safepoint. It has been deleted, and so somehow the settings for the current safepoint have been messed up. How do I straighten things out please?
TIA … Greg

PS: I have read and performed the solution to “The external USB Drive is mounted with a different Share and file system path name than where the Safepoint is located” to no avail. That problem is different to mine anyway, since I do have only one MyBook share. My problem is invalid references to safepoints. share path is

Hi gvm77,

You can refer the link given below and follow the steps to troubleshoot for the issue.

Thanks James,

but I have been through that procedure many times now. Using it I have repaired files with the tilde ~ in filenames and performed other checks.

Nowhere have I seen what to do if log messages refer to a safepoint that no longer exists. That is probably an after-effect of an earlier problem, but how do I clean that up?

TIA …. Greg