Safepoint external hd attached to the computer - asking for user name and password? pls advice


Does any body have any idea what the user and password of an attached hd is so it can be used for a safepoint.?

I am trying to create a safepoint using an external ntfs formatted external HD. The first problem I encounterd is that it doest not recognized an network sign in for windows 8.1 . I solved the problem creating a local account but now the sistem keeps asking me for a user name and password for the attached HD. I tried to use the same log in as the account but it does not work. Does anybody has any problem with this and has find a solution. Please let me know. Tks in advance

Is the drive/share password protected?

Try the suggestion on the following article:

Unable to create a Safepoint from a WD My Cloud, My Book Live or a My Book Live Duo to a Windows share

hI JHON, TKS FOR YOUR REPLY. The external hd attached to the computer is a wd elments and is not protected with a password and does not have any user name that i know of. As I said i signing in to the computer using my outlook account but wd colud does not recognize it so i create a local account. The local account is recognized and then i get a list of all the drives in the computer some de external drive is lited twice once as G and once as G$. I am qute pedestrian and i do not konow the difference  but anyway. I tried to opend them and I get asked for a user and password i tires the same user that i used to signe in but is is not recognized. I tired just to by pass it by click in in but it does not work either. Do you have any suggestions. Please advice. Tkank you in advance for your help. Regards Umbert