Safepoint Error


I recently purchased a 4 TB My Book to backup my 4 TB My Cloud through USB.  This appears to be the most economical way of backing My Cloud up while using products from WD.

So, out of the box, I plug the My Book into the USB in the back of My Cloud and begin creating the safepoint.  It appeared this was working fine for about 15 minutes based on the progress bar; however, I ultimately received an error that said "There was an error creating your safepoint [name] on the My_Book share on WDMyCloud.

I’ve done some simple triag but come up with same error.

Is My Book a compatible UBS storage device for My Cloud?

Should I have plugged My Book directly into the USB on the computer to set up (and possibly download latest firmware) and then disconnected and plug into My Cloud?

If no to the above, how do I control My Book settings?

Any help or approach to answering issues above is apprecietate.  I also know maybe a couple of these questions might be more suitable for the My Book discussion thread…but ultimately, they are both WD products…John

Eject the My Book from the back of the NAS using the eject button in the NAS admin UI, THEN unplugging the USB cable.

Take your My Book to a computer, update the firmware if any is necessary, and, using Windows Disk Management, delete the existing volume on the USB disk. Then create a new volume and format it NTFS.

Take USB disk back to the NAS and connect it. Recreate your safepoint.

Don’t forget to eject first the USB disk before taking out of the back of the NAS.