Safepoint Creating-Unavailable Username/P/W

While reading thru the Smartware info, I read about the “SafePoint” option.  Followed all the details by the word, when I hit “Discover” , for the drive to find the device on the network, it located “WORKGROUP”, BUT wanted a username and password to access.  Now, I have NEVER created one for this.

To save a ton of experimenting and even a call to WD (Who suggested maybe a restore the WD drive to stock), which I am confident will NOT solve the issue, as it is not the drive, I can get into the drive easily, but it is the drive trying to access the PC.

Well, I went to the “HomeGroup” options, and checked, “NO Password required”.

The next time I hit “DISCOVER” Instead of WORKGROUP, it actually located “TOSHIBALAPTOP”, the proper device, etc. Proving that it was able to get into the network, find the device, etc.  BUT AGAIN, I click the Laptop and it asks for a username and Password, WHICH I NEVER set-up for this machine.

I did try all the admin/admin, then I tried admin with a blank P/W field, which is how I can access admin options on the computer, BUT, the software will NOT allow a blank field.  I made a registry adjustment, which will allow the fields to be blank, but no success.

Just a small “In Addition”, I told the tech, the PURPOSE of the “SafePoint” is to avoid having to go thru all the set up routine, IF the drive were to crash, so Redoing it all now would be crazy, IF I were to reset the drive and rebuild, I might as well wait till I have to and ignore the SafePoint issue for the time being.

Now, it more a matter of OCD driving me crazy that I can not access my computer from the drive…lol…

POSSIBLY, Set-up a UserName/p/w specifically for this, and then remove them later if desired??


Thank you and all my best regards,


The best to do is to assign a password to the user of the computer that you ant to use as the safepoint, you do not need to create a new user. .

I am having the same issue, excpet that when I enter the credentials of my local PC, it still would not work. I couldn’t create a safepoint since I always get an error message when I use those credentials. I also entered the credentials of the user I created using MyBookLive, doesn’t work as well.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not happy that you are having these problems, But you gotta admit, “Misery loves company”…lol…at least you have verified I’m not crazy, and this has happened to others.

Let me just tell you the one little thing I did, but I still don’t have it fixed.

When I first hit “Discover” for it to look at the network for the computer, it discovered and showed “WORKGROUP”

and that was it, it could not see any “Deeper” into the system.

After this, I went into my computer and into the settings for the “Home Group”, and found a setting (Check box), for, “No Password Required”, so I checked that, and then returned to the WD Software.

THEN, when I hit “Discover”   SOMETHING worked a little, as this time, instead of “Workgroup”, it said “TOSHIBALAPTOP” the specific name of the laptop on my system that I want to use for backup. 

SO, by removing that password, it did get from the drive into the computer, BUT, I am sorry to say I had the SAME PROBLEM.

Since I don’t have a password on the computer (I leave it blank), I even found a registry edit, that allows the password field to be blank.  Well, still no success.

SO, I know reading this didn’t help, I’m sure, but I felt if we at least share our information, if one of us is able to have success, we can share the solution?  Or what we did.



I have the same/similar problem with a MyBook Live. If I try to create a Safepoint, Create/Discover shows my network and it finds all active computers.  When I click on a computer running XP SP3, I see a list of all the shares on that computer.  If a share does not have the little padlock symbol, I can create a Safepoint on that share.  When I click on a computer running Win 7, I don’t see a list of shares, but up comes a dialog asking for login credentials.  When I enter what I consider proper credentials, they appear to be accepted, but I still don’t see the list of shares for that computer.  I have exchanged messages with WD and with Microsoft.  No help at all from WD.  Microsoft suggested some changes to the local security settings for the Win 7 computer.  I made these changes, but it did not solve the problem.  I see where another roply to your post appears to have solved your problem.  I already have a valid user account in the administraor group with a password and have the problem.  Anyway, I believe the problem is not with the login information that you provide.  If you go to the support option on the Dashboard and generate a report, and examine the log file wdnas.log, you should see a record of your actions from “Discover” and when you click on the computer icon.  You will see that all devices are successfully discovered,  If you clicked on an XP computer, you will see a record of successful validation/authentication of the available shares (without a padlock).  I f you clicked on a Win 7 computer, you will see where the Livebook tries to authenticate the NAS device (IP address) and fails with the error message "User credentials to target (IP address) are invalid - access denied. This is logged BEFORE enitering login information interactively.  In other words, the Livebook is sending the Win 7 computer credentials that are not acceptable for some reason.  I don’t yet know why.

Does everyone else who has this problem have it on a Win 7 computer?

are you talking about accessing files on your My Book live?

I followed what you said, and I thank you for taking time for one.  Secondly, another thing to consider besides “WorkGroup” is the “HomeGroups”…

When I first tried “Discover” all I saw was “WORKGROUP” , then I went to the settings for the “Homegroup”, there is a checkbox that says ‘No Password Needed’  (forget exact words), so I checked it…My next try at “Discover”, it didn’t say Workgroup but “TOSHIBAPC”  (My computer name), so it penetrated that, was in there saw the PC, but I didn’t have any credentials to give it.

I then deleted the “Homegroup” totally.  Same deal, see the PC, but Credentials are wrong.

I am still ticked off that the WD tech wanted me to reset the drive (Lose everything on it), I said I get into the drive fine, this will not do it, my opinion not even worth a try…OPINIONS?

OH also, there are sometime where it will not allow the password field to be blank, I even fired in a registry hack that allows it to be empty…

Still, nothing…BTW: That guy that wanted me to reset, I said, the purpose of the safepoint is to avoid that, so if I’m going to do it, might as well wait till I HAVE TO right…

IDK, MAYBE create another user account with password, etc. and try?  I would ASSUME it would want the Admin, which I have no P/W on, I may put one on it for now to see it it takes the credentials?

Lastly, I just feel it, that “Homgroup” thing MS has, has some hand in this…just a feeling…lol…


OH WELL, cheers to success when we get there…that Log was wierd, WHY is it sending that?



No. I am trying to create a Safepoint on a network computer running Win 7 operating system.

Same problem.Windows7.  

I see my network computer, it asks for credentials.  No matter what I put in, it just seems to accept it but doesn’t show anything else.  So all I ever see is My Book Live on 1 side, an arrow over to my other computer.  Nothing else.

Its so frustrating that WD doesn’t respond.  I’ve had several problems with my device, and posted several times in here, and never got a proper (or any) answer.  I’m not one to complain but big thumbs down on the customer service…  If you aren’t going to monitor or respond to the forum it should be clearly stated or shut down.  Are they expecting all of the users to provide free peer to peer support??  Frustrating.

This is a forum for users, not a WD Support Forum.  To have an official response you may contact WD Support.