Safepoint Copy

I have 2 MyClouds. I have created a safepoint on one to be the backup of my primary. It took a while to get ti going, but it finally started. About halfway through the copy it is dying trying to backup a file that has been deleted since the copy started. I have tried cancelling and restarting, but that doesn’t seem to work. Why is it still trying to copy a nonexistent file? Please help!

How was the file deleted? Did you go directly into the share folder of the drive and delete the file, or did you go through a backup software to delete the file? Are you using software to do the backup even?

Have you tried rebooting, via the My Cloud Dashboard, both My Cloud devices then starting the Safepoint backup again?

I deleted the file, because I didn’t need it. I am using the safepoint function on the dashboard as directed by WD.

Good thought. I’ll give it a try.

Rebooting did not resolve the problem. It started back up in the same place.

What happens if you delete the entire Safepoint directory from the target My Cloud unit then build an entirely new Safepoint backup? Or have you already done that?

Yes, both were rebooted.

Most likely, the file that you deleted was already indexed in Safepoint. You could try deleting the Safepoint backup, and start over. If that doesn’t work, I would contact support for further help.

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