Safepoint Backups - My Book Live - selective shares/folders

Is it possible to use Safepoint to run scheduled backups of selective folders on my My Book Live to another location?

By quick glance it doesn’t seem like it’s possible and I wonder why this simple functionality isn’t there. Am I the only one that use the My Book as their primary NAS and would like to backup essential folders to a smaller capacity secondary drive?

Yes, it’s possible, check the links below for the steps.

But it’s not the solution, though. You’ve just linked to the manual at the point where they explain how to set up SafePoint backup of the entire HD, the question was how to back up _selected_ folders to a smaller driver. I don’t think it’s possible, unfortunately. It would be great if one could chose backup on the basis of shares - i.e. backup some shares but not others.

I was able to backup selective folders by hacking through some config file after ssh’ing into the device.

If a WD representative is monitoring this, please have Safepoint rewritten!

  1. Who wants to backup 3TB!!! Selective folder backups is the way to go.
  2. The Safepoint entries disappear WAY too easily and that forces one to create a new one and hence run a full backup all over again when there is really no need for what a differential run could do. again we’re taking TB which take days! This certainly isn’t a ‘green’ initiative.
    e.g. If my backup path changes, why can’t the Safepoint entry remain present and allow me to edit the path.
    I also lost an entry after my backup path was offline for a couple weeks. Why is that? After reconnecting the backup drive, the files are all there, the path is the same, but why has the Safepoint entry disappeared?