Safepoint backup to external HD plugged into Airport Extreme?

For the last couple of years I’ve done NAS streaming from a WD my book plugged via USB into my Airport Extreme.  I replaced it a couple of days ago with a My Book Live so that I wouldn’t have to run my laptop (macbook air) when doing DLNA streaming to my PS3.

So now I’ve still got the old My Book, which still runs perfectly.  I tried to set up a safepoint system which would back up the new my Book Live automatically to the old My Book.  But when I go through the dashboard interface, I have no luck.  I go to ‘create safepoint’, then ‘discovery’ – the system detects my router as an apparently available option to back up to, but when I double click on it I cannot get any further in the process.

Is this a limitation of the safepoint system?  is there any way I can use my old external drive plugged into my router in the way I am suggesting?


(also, let me second the suggestions that the twonkyserver needs to be updated in the next firmware – i was unable to successfully stream stuff to my PS3 using it until I switched off the automatic content scan, and now have to rebuild the database after every time I add new media to the drive or I cannot stream it… it’s a clunky workaround, and detracts from the consumer-friendliness of the drive – there is no way, for example, that my girlfriend or parents would ever figure it out or put up with it … they’d just return the drive and purchase a different brand that worked out of the box).

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support


I believe the Airport Extreme probably only supports AFP through USB. Safepoint uses Samba as part of its discovery protocols, so this probably won’t work.