Safepoint backup question

I have been doing safepoint backups for a while now, by manually pressing “update” in the dashboard … has been working well so far.

there are some folders which are backed up (here),


inside this safepoint path, i see my shares which are backed up (I have 2 shares which are backed up - one with my name, the other Public). in addition to those 2 folders, i see 6 more folders which are empty, and are not anywhere i can find them on my mycloud.

can anyone tell me how i’d be able to locate these folders on the mycloud and remove them ?

they also appear on my WDTV, when i have the mycloud connected as an nfs device (linux share).

the folders themselves are not hidden and they are not related to any system-type files, because they are named similar to what i would have called them in the past if i created them somewhere on the nas.

What’s the name of the extra shares?

in the …/shares/ folder there are these folders:

Public (my wdmycloud public share)
christos (my wd mycloud private share)
Home_Videos (an empty folder that i don’t see on wd mycloud)
IMG_3286 (an empty folder that i don’t see on wd mycloud)
IMG_3286_2 (an empty folder that i don’t see on wd mycloud)
IMG_3286_3 (an empty folder that i don’t see on wd mycloud)
temp (an empty folder that i don’t see on wd mycloud)
temp_2 (an empty folder that i don’t see on wd mycloud)

the last 6 folders are what i want to delete. note that i have an iphone and i’ve used the wd my cloud app before to try and upload items from my phone to the nas, i’ve also tried to download from the nas to my phone using the app.

If you can’t find them on the MyCloud, maybe they aren’t there?

Have you mapped the MyBook share, and used File Explorer to try to delete those empty folders? Their creation dates might give you a clue as to whether they are recent creations, or just some dross that’s lying around… Was the MyBook re-purposed from some other use?

The IMG_3286 sounds like the name of a DCF image from a camera…

What are you using to view the My Cloud where you don’t see the folder? Windows File Explorer, Mac Finder, or SSH?

I would use SSH to access the Shares folder area on the My Cloud and see if those six folders are actually there. When using SSH one may see several additional folders that one normally wouldn’t see using Windows File Explorer, Mac Finder or other file managers including the WD apps/software or the web portal.

i do not have any devices other than pc’s and an iphone which interact directly with the mycloud.

so these folders must have some from the iphone’s mycloud app (during some image uploads or video downloads perhaps). there is a ‘download’ and ‘activity’ section in the mycloud app i use on my phone.

i think i will try SSH, but not familiar with the method, can you please point me to a how-to ?
what i need directions on, is how to view the files/folders from a terminal window after i’ve enabled ssh in the dashboard …

thanks again Bennor

nevermind, i figured how how to do it. went in via terminal, found the folders, deleted them.

i’ll check the next safepoint backup for those folders, should be gone.

update: the most recent safepoint backup i performed after deleting those folders is showing they are gone, so i’m all set.

thanks a lot to everyone for chiming in and helping me.