Safepoint Backup Error on Mac

I recently purchased a 3TB MBL to backup my office computers and use it as a local file share.  The file share works pretty well and the Time Machine backups work well on the drive.  However, being the IT guy I want at least one version of all of our data in the cloud…  That would include our shared files as well as my Time Machine backups.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to connect to the MyBookLive-backup so I can’t use a third party backup service to grab the Time Machine files.  So, my solution was to run a safepoint backup to my iMac and then backup the safepoint backup in the cloud so if anything ever happened to the drive i would have everything for my office.

However, when I’m trying to create the safepoint backkup I’m getting this error when trying to connect to my iMac:

30000  - Unknown error. Please ensure you are not facing network connectivity issues and try again.

Does anyone know how to fix this?  If not, I went through the entire explanation above to see if someone has a better idea on how to backup this drive so in any worst case scenario I could get everything back.  I’ve thought about using ssh to create duplicity backups on S3 but don’t know that that’s necessarily the best option at this point.


I have never seen that error in here, I’d call WD on this one o.o

 I too am experiencing the same error mesage.  Hopefully there’s a simple solution.


Dude, did you get to WD on this one? I’d like to know about this.