Safepoint backup causes My Cloud to be unresponsive


I have a 2TB My Cloud and 1TB My Passport Ultra to replace an older 2TB My Book Live. I copied about 500GB from the My Book Live to the My Cloud and started a new Safepoint backup to the 1TB My Passport Ultra via USB. After an hour or so I checked on the progress and it seemed to be updating.

This morning (after about 12 hours) I cannot get a response from the My Cloud UI via a web browser. I also can not connect to any of the shares with my PC and the My Cloud app on my iPad says that the device is offline.

I’ve been reading posts that some are having problems with Safepoint backups to USB and others are not and I’m wondering if maybe I’m doing something wrong.

I’ve got the latest firmware (04.01.02-417) and the My Passport Ultra is formatted as NTFS.

I’m considering plugging the My Passport Ultra into my PC and writing a batch script to mirror the Public share on the My Cloud, but that would defeat the purpose of the My Cloud having built in backup capability.

Does anyone have any suggestions?



Hi there,

Try to do a reset on the unit to see if the unit is accessible and then try to start the safepoint again to see if it continues from where it had stopped. You can also try to do a system only restore on the unit and see if this fixes the issue. 

Here is a link that might help with the reset process:

Here is a link that might help with the system only restore:

Hi ArMak.

Thanks for the info. I’ll give these suggestions a try in the future if I have trouble using Safepoint. For now I’ve plugged in my 1TB backup drive into a PC and am using the robocopy command to backup my shares.