Safepoint at folder level

Hello, I would like to get a 6TB Live Duo backup its files onto several 3TB WD drives connected its USB 3.0 port. As I understand Safepoint allows full backup only. Currently I backup the 6TB folders through some Windows tools but that implies unnecessary networking. Any way I could backup folders onto external drives directly from the Live Duo? Thank you, - Philippe

Hello and welcome, 

Unfortunately the option to do a safepoint divided on several hard drives is not available, you might want to make the suggestion in the ideas section.

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I was able to backup folders onto external (usb) shares using rsync.  This has also solved another issue which was to exclude OSX ‘dust’ (the .AppleDouble metadata folders created by a mac on the source drive) with a command such as :

rsync -rltDvu --modify-window=1 --delete-before --exclude ‘.*’ /DataVolume/shares/Video1/Docu/ /DataVolume/shares/Backup1/Docu/

Note that the –modify-window=1 switch is important as external drives are NTFS.

I have gathered the various rsync commands (one per folder) into a single file which I have to crontab so it will be launched daily for instance.

Works pretty well : 15 MB/s (~1 GB/min) with the external drives on a dlink usb 3.0 hub. 

The initial incremental backup process has been going on for 30 hours now and plexing source video files from a mac had no significant impact on the backup speed.  The Live Duo really is an excellent device :slight_smile: