Safepoint and Disk rotating scheme for two (or more) USB disks?

Is it possible to create one Safepoint and have Disk rotating scheme with two (or more) disks?

Like this:

Week 1

-Run the SafePoint Profile on Disk 1 (Full Copy)

-Eject Disk 1

Week 2

-Run the SafePoint Profile on Disk 2 (Full Copy)

-Eject Disk 2

Week 3

-Run the SafePoint Profile on Disk 1 (Mirror new and chaged files to Disk)

-Eject Disk 1

Week 4

-Run the SafePoint Profile on Disk 2 (Mirror new and chaged files to Disk)

-Eject Disk 2



At this moment, the WD My Cloud keeps track of one Safepoint for updates. It is possible to store different Safepoints between different devices, however, an option to manually re-locate and re-activate a previously created Safepoint is currently not featured.

I was about to try something similar.  I would really like to have off-site backup, even if I need to sneakernet/autonet it somewhere regularly.

I have one SafePoint auto-updating daily to another WD device (a WD MBL), which I now feel is semi-safe.

Next, I wanted to connect an external drive (we’ll call this Drive A) to the MyCloud to create a second backup SafePoint, which, once updated, I would take to an off-site location (a deposit box).  

I would then connect another external drive (Drive B) and create a third SafePoint, which I would take to the off-site location the next week, bringing Drive A back and reconnecting it for updates.

I had HOPED that it could do auto-updates on these targets when the target is available to the MyCloud.  But it sounds like this will not be possible?

I dunno–I think I am going to try it anyway soon.  I’m hoping worst case is that I have to manually update the SafePoints on the external drive(s), and it will still auto-update the first SafePoint to the MBL without any trouble here.

Or else, really, this SoHo-grade device really got downgraded for me to far below Buffalo or other SoHo NAS boxes that can do secure live updates or mirroring across distance to off-site targets.  I mean.  It’s NAS.  You want an off-site mirror of this information, right?

Will report back with what works.