Safely uninstalling SabNZBD and replacing it with NZBGET

Hi, I followed the guide and installed Sab on my mybook live successfully yesterday and its works fine. But I want to remove the installation and replace it with NZBGET due to its much faster performance and I am concerned that I might accidentally brick the device if I install both on the same box.

How do I go about doing this safely? 

or can both coexist on the same NAS?

I have both running on my MBL but I use NZBGet almost all the time due to the download speed increase…

No real need to uninstall SABnzb

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if I switch over to NZBGET full time, how do I at least prevent SAB from running/remove it from startup?

And is it possible to set it up with sickbeard? 

update-rc.d -f sabnzbd remove

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Never used sickbeard integration so not sure on that one

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I appreciate your help and the guides and such, but I’m still having some issues.

I have nzbget setup according to your instructions but it says I don’t have permission to read or access any of the nzbget folders in my /Downloads share. 

Can’t access any of it from OSX

If I SSH into the device, the permissions of those folders are shown as 776, but even if I edit them to 775 like the other folders in the share, I still don’t have full control, can’t add files to the nzb folder for example.

Yeah I had the same issue when upgrading to NZBGet 11

In nzbget setup change the permissions to 000

Settings/UMASK 000

Apply and restart NZBGet from SYSTEM/Reload NZBGet

You MAY need to delete the current folders so the new ones are created with the right permissions

Working fine here after I made this change… Good luck

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It works correctly now, thanks!.

btw I found this script that apparently perfectly integrates sickbeard, couchpotato and nzbget.

It looks very promising, but I don’t know enough to get it working.