Safely remove USB devices for non-admin users

Is there any way to safely remove usb devices if you are logged into the web ui as a normal user?

Is there any other way to remove a usb device?

Can rigths be assigned to normal user to give them admin / backup rights so that they can remove usb devices safely for backup purposes?

What web UI are you logged into as a “normal user”? The My Cloud Dashboard or the web portal?

If one can access the My Cloud Dashboard one can instruct the My Cloud to eject an attached USB drive by selecting the USB icon from the top right menu of icons and select the eject icon.

But only Admin can access the Dashboard…

The OP wants to allow anyone to do it. I don’t think its possible; the whole idea is that Admin has privileges to do these things, and other users do not.

Not necessarily. If one sets the Admin account Password toggle to Off in the Dashboard one shouldn’t be asked to log into the Dashboard.

The Dashboard is the only way (outside of SSH) that I know of for triggering the USB unmount/eject. I don’t use the WD software other than the Desktop program and don’t recall any of the software having an option to unmount/eject USB media from the My Cloud.

Good point. But so scary, I’d neglected it…

Any user can that is configured on the NAS can log in, but will not have access to settings or USB safe removal. Would be great if the admin can have the option to gave a user access to this function.

I purchased the My Cloud EX2 for a cutomer, I only do contract work for them, so they have to do backups, etc. themselves.

I am talking about the local Dashboard. You can only do that as admin. I do not want to give users the admin password for obvious reasons, but I do NEED to give them the capability to safely remove their off-site external backup drives.

[quote=“Johan_Cloete, post:6, topic:160352, full:true”]
I purchased the My Cloud EX2 for a cutomer,…[/quote]
The fact you are using an EX2 changes things a bit. This subforum is generally for discussions on the single bay My Cloud. For the single bay My Cloud (in my case running v4.x firmware) when the Administrator account has the password option enabled in the Dashboard, only the administrator can log into the Dashboard. Other user logins are rejected.

If you have not already done so you may want to see the dedicated EX2 subforum where there may be users more knowledgeable or a thread already previously posted that covers your question.