Safely power down WDTV Live streaming

Is there a safe way to completely power down these units?

The reason I ask is that there is an option in settings to sync the media library in standby, daily, weekly etc.

I have already had a couple of situations where the WDTVLS has frozen and this has required a power cycle to get it back.

This then left some locked .wd_tv folders on my NAS that I had quite a job getting rid of. Also when I tried to re-enable the share the WDTVLS reported that the folder was read only. I eventually sorted that mess out.

I now have the WD set to only sync once a month but this got me thinking that there is a possibility that this could happen again. We turn off all our electrical equipment on the wall socket to reduce our energy costs. I have noticed also that turning off the supply will cause the WD to re-compile the Media library when power is restored. This will get very annoying after a while.

Please WD if you read these post’s two requests:

  1. Can we have a proper shutdown option like most computers do and make this product a bit more green.

  2. An option in the Media Library Manager to never sync the Media Library. I am quite happy to re-sync manually when I need to.

Many Thanks


OK, I decided to read the manual :slight_smile:

Power - Suspends the device into sleep mode and turns off video output. Press
and hold the power button for five seconds to completely shut down the
media player