Safe to delete OS3_Apps_Backup under .systemfile?

Sorry, I asked this question elsewhere (under a different topic) and didn’t get an answer. Is it safe to delete the folder “OS3_Apps_Backup” under “.systemfile”? It’s taking up 102GB of space and I’d really like to free that up. I’ve upgraded to OS5, so I’m no longer running OS3.

Thanks for any help in advance!

And I asked you if you worked for WD. I’m willing to take others’ advice, but just saying “Sure, go ahead” without further explication is not exactly the type of advice that would give me the warm and fuzzies. Not that you’re one of them, but there are asshats on the Internet who live to steer newbies down the path of destruction for sh*ts and grins. Sorry, I need something a bit more definitive before I utterly destroy my NAS setup…

Not to hijack the discussion but can someone help me understand why a backup of OS3 apps was needed if OS5 upgrade was supposed to be a one way street, at least as per WD.

Nothing you’ve said here deflects from my original complaint: I asked a serious question and your answer was not sufficient to give me reason to believe you knew what you were talking about. I know from MY long years of programming (and using Windows) that deleting even ONE wrong file can render your system useless, and based on your experience, YOU know that too, yet you expected me to take your quickly spurted out answer as GOD’S HEAVENLY WISDOM FROM ON HIGH, without further explanation?

Until your little CV above, I had no idea who you were, and contrary to your assertion, I shouldn’t be expected to have to research the background of every person who says something on the Internet - WHO HAS THE TIME FOR THAT? No one. I wasn’t writing a doctoral thesis. I was just trying to get a semi-educated opinion on the safety of deleting a folder, and you said nothing to give me assurance that it was an educated opinion at all.

Thanks for taking the time to answer in the first place (I should have been gracious enough to say that, at least), but I’d still rather wait to hear from WD…

And THAT is all I ever wanted to see in your original answer! It’s not an official answer from WD, but it’s something to work with. What bothers me is that it’s in a folder called “.systemfile”. If it hadn’t been, I might not have been so hesitant in the first place. Call me stubborn, but I’m still gonna wait a while to see if I hear from WD. I’d like to get them to make an official statement on this (like “We intend to purge this with the next update [aka, Windows OS upgrades], but you’re free to delete it now”)

(Sorry, I would have responded sooner, but the forum software is limiting the number of my replies per hour since I’m a new user or poster or something. (I don’t think this is my first post, but I could be wrong.) And you’re right about one thing: where is WD? I know they’re busy, but do they ever respond to any posts in the forums?)

Thanks, but I still see the “OS3_Apps_Backup” folder which I thought you said you deleted? Or am I mis-seeing something here?

Edit: I’m going to contact WD directly. Maybe they’ll take pity on me :slight_smile:


By the way, if you’re as knowledgeable on this product as you claim, write a book or paper on it and I’ll buy it! I know enough about Linux to be dangerous (but I managed to get Qubes to run on my laptop for a while :rofl:), but I’d like to do more with this device than just serve movies. I looked into possibly setting it up for general web server use, but they have it so locked down (at least compared to a Mint configuration I used to use), I didn’t know where to start. Thanks for your help…