Safe shutdown


Thanks for everyone’s contribution here, its help me a lot. I think WD seriously need to do something for the shutdown.

I’m having firmware 2.x with MyCloud Personal. Using the SSH command below to Shutdown and power off do not really shut down my device, the blue LED is still on and you can feel the device is still warm and running though the web UI are no longer accessible.
/usr/local/modules/script/ -h -P now

Shutdown from Quick View do the trick but it is only possible from Windows/Mac. I was looking for a solution to shutdown from mobile. I think having the shutdown button in Web UI is still the best solution for all so long the device has internet browser.

For Windows OS.

For Mac OSX.


It has been requested in the past in the Cloud Ideas subforum.

What is dumbfounding is that it is a simple 5 second fix in the v2.x firmware CSS coding to unhide the v2.x Shutdown button in the Dashboard yet they have issued multiple firmware updates without fixing such a stupid easy to fix issue.

I don’t have a v2.x My Cloud but I assume they still haven’t fixed this issue with the latest firmware released yesterday.


No, it hasn’t been changed according to the release notes.
I’m not tempted to update. I had to return one My Cloud Gen 2 already. I receive my replacement this week and am very reluctant to use it.


Actually WD’s CSS is easy to modify. Just use inspect element on Google Chrome.


Yes, using a web browser to change the CSS is mentioned previously in the current discussion. The problem with this method is one would most likely have to do it every single time they want to shut down using the v2.x My Cloud Dashboard because the modification isn’t being done to the core CSS/HTML file on the My Cloud, its being done within the loaded page in the client side web browser.


I see maybe @Fox_exe can write a script or someone else can so safe shutdown will work on the 2X My Clouds.

I think the Gen 1 or Gen 2 might have a safe shutdown option. (Don’t quote me on that)


As explained up thread the older first generation v4.x firmware single bay My Clouds do have a shutdown option in the Dashboard in two separate locations. For the newer second generation v2.x single bay My Cloud units one can either install the WD QuickView program to their computer and use that program to shut down the My Cloud or one can use SSH to issue the shutdown/halt command.

Part of the problem with editing the firmware files on the second generation v2.x single bay My Cloud is most of them apparently get overwritten when the My Cloud is restarted/booted/rebooted. The workaround to this issue is probably to download the v2.x GPL firmware, correct the error in the GPL files, then build the GPL files and flash the v2.x My Cloud firmware with the updated GPL build.



@gsregal2, this subforum (My Cloud) generally deals with the single bay/single drive My Cloud device which is DIFFERENT than the multi-bay My Cloud products. As the link you posted indicates the single bay/single drive My Cloud is NOT not one of the WD products that information applies too…

Applied Products:
My Cloud Mirror
My Cloud Mirror (Gen 2)
My Cloud EX2
My Cloud EX2 Ultra
My Cloud EX2100
My Cloud EX4100
My Cloud DL2100
My Cloud DL4100
My Cloud EX4
My Cloud PR2100
My Cloud PR4100


sorry, i read all the postings here but i got confused.
Could one please summarize which is the SSH command for power-off and/or shutdown MyCloud singe-bay 2.Gen ( Firmware 2.xx.) for using it on Android devices?



i have 4tb single bay on firmware 2.x.x and I can shutdown the device but I need to enable ssh.
Becareful using ssh ( I have bricked mine once)…
safe way to turn off is using “halt” command on ssh


ok, but how exactly is the command ?


the command is halt


Hello :slight_smile: …a couple of weeks ago, I’ve bought a 1bay WD myCloud with firmware v. 2.21.126 (most recent version) and I was rather upset, when I got to know, that this "shut-down - problem" has not been solved since more than a year - an it still exists :frowning: …obviously there is no need and no interest in fixing from WD side.

however - now, after trying several options, I am using a SSH-Client (spotty) to shut-down and I do it, as some of you mentioned, with “halt” …it works fine - thank you for this tip ! :slight_smile:

My question: what do I have to “tell” my HSS-Client to restart my WD? Is it possible with SSH or do I always have to unplug/plug the WD-device? …Does anybody have an idea?

Thanks for helping, Anita (non-native-speaker :wink: :smiley: )


Hi folks, I do not have a basic My Cloud nor Mirror, but I have a more elaborate DL Series NAS with a genuine Power switch on front panel. After reading (much) of this, it is ridiculous that WD has not fixed this problem for My Cloud users.

Have any of you sent a message to the admin of this forum Bill_S to see if he can help get some action on this? Just a suggestion.

PS: I will never recommend a basic My Cloud to anyone I care about! Too many issues,


hi Anitaa…you kidding right ?
reboot is reboot


hi …ooh, I’m not kidding :smiley: I just did not know, how SSH-Clients use to work and what kind of commands there are possible (apart from the fact, that for me “halt” is German language, too …kind of confusing to me)

(could also have been “restart”, “start”, “boot”, “go ahead”, “awake”, “stop sleeping” or whatever else - how could I know ) …so, I’ll try “reboot” - thank you :slight_smile:

UPDATE: “reboot” after “halt” does not work because the WD is down, not accessable and doesn’t react to any command …guess, I will have to continue the unplug-replug procedure .(


The shutdown was renamed to hibernate in the menus, it puts info from memory into the storage and shuts down.

This is for the PR4100 I own, you can also press the shutdown button on the NAS itself to execute a safe shutdown.


This is the forum for the basic MyCloud, not the PR series…


Just in case anyone is interested, I’ve found that you can shut down the My Cloud using WD Quick View, instead of just pulling the power cable. However, you’ll still need to “re-plug-in” the drive to restart it.