Safe Point

I have just bought a 4TB mycloud device.
I want to set up the safe point feature.
Do I need another 4TB disk or can I use a smaller disk because it works with snapshots?
Thank you


You don’t need a drive with the same capacity, it could be smaller. Just make that the drive is bigger than the size of the information that you are planning to store.

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I can only accept this solution nevertheless I wish WD could be more clear in advance.

This solution means that if i had 4TB data, as the size of my disk, I would need a second 4TB storage. That is a standard system with 2 HDUs in Raid 1 (2x4TB) would be better if choosen since the beginning:safer, no problem about how big is the data size to be saved and backed-up. While purchasing I thought it was using the snap-shots technology, thus an image of my data which is normally smaller than the data itself. If I knew in advance you need 1:1 size for the back up I would have chosen Mycloud Mirror solution, or any other solution on the market with two disks in Raid 1.