Safe point question


If I delete a file or folder by mistake on my cloud 3tb and the safepoint updates does the safepoint keep the deleted file or folder or does it mirror the drive and also delete it from the safe point?  Also can you just restore single files or folders rather than the entire contents? using the wdmycloud.local


If you update a safepoint, after you have deleted a file/folder. then the safepoint will reflect the current state of the update. The My Cloud Safepoint does NOT keep any files/folders that have been deleted or changed, it is strickly a mirror of the files/folders at the time of the safepoint creation or update.

Safepoints are an “all or nothing” if you restore. But you can go to the folder, on the device that your safepoint has been created, and go through the drectories until you see the files/folders just as they were when the safepoint was created. You can copy any file/folder from that safepoint and put it anywhere you want.

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The Safepoint works as a “snapshot” of your WD My Cloud. As such it will only contain the exact files present at the time the Safepoint was created. The Safepoint is designed to recover a WD My Cloud as a whole, and as such it does not feature individual file recovery at this time.

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