Safe Point for MyCloud Home?


I’m looking for guidance on how to backup the MyCloud Home. Is there a separate app that I need to install to supports this? If so, what are the name(s) of the apps? Previous generation MyClouds facilitated this with a Safe Point and it doesn’t appear that MyCloud Home has Safe Point functionality?..thanks…John

Have you read through the User Manual for the My Cloud Home?

Hey CatOw…Yes, I have read through the manual. I’m not sure if you
understand my question or are qualified to answer. I’m asking about
backing up the MyCloud home to an external source such as Safe Point
creation was facilitated with MyCloud gen 1. I suppose next you will give
me the obvious answers to scour the knowledge base or WD Community? I wish
I had the last 2 minutes of my life back.

The My Cloud Home does not include a Safepoint type backup method.
Stay Tuned Though!

@SBrown Are you saying that it is not possible to back up the My Cloud Home unit on an external disk via USB?

Stay tuned though like that feature may be added pretty soon through firmware update? or more like bring it back to the store and buy the old one?

I need a clarification asap, otherwise I will return it to the store. I feel pretty disappointed about WD for not being able to use a WD my book as a backup to a WD my home cloud.

Anyone wanting to buy this product should look at the following first, along with the User Manual. .

It’s always wise to research a product, before buying it, to see if it will do what you want it to do.

The My Cloud Home does not support NAS to USB backups.
You’ll need a My Cloud to accomplish NAS to USB backups.

Come on, you have a Linux system inside that machine. You could easily implement that feature in 0 time, you already have it in the My Cloud.

Do you plan to implement it on the future or not? Don’t evade the question, it is a simple yes or no.

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There is definitely a Safe Point for the MyCloud Home product. If you leave it on the shelf at the Best Buy store, it will not damage your wallet at all. There is a remote chance that it will fall down from that shelf, hurting your feet or toes, but you can minimize that risk by staying away from the aisle that holds these products.
Otherwise, I can tell you I’ve experienced nothing but a disaster from buying this horrible POS product.