Safe Point Credentials Connecting to Network Share/Drive

Hi All, from day one, I have not been able to create a safe point with the My Cloud device to another drive on the network. I go into safe points > create > search network > it comes up with 4 machines > I click on the machine that has my drive attached and then choose the drive (as they are displayed so it’s seeing the shares) > it asks for credentials. No matter what credentials I try, nothing works. The machine has Win 8.1 and has a UID and PID to log into Windows. The Windows credentials work for everything else but this safe point creation. I attempted to connect to other drives listed on this machine and on other machines in my network and nothing works. Can’t connect to anything. I opened a case with WD and as I suspected they told me that I need to have a user ID and PW to login in to WIndows to be able to connect and like I stated, I already have that. I can connect to these drives from anywhere in my network through explorer/Windows. Just not through the My Cloud safe point creation.

I’ve browsed the community here and saw a couple things related to this issue in different topics. Not sure if anyone else is having this same issue or if a fix is known.

-Cloud has been restarted

-Machines have been restarted

-Security/permissions is set properly on all machines and devices

-Windows 8.1 on all machines fully updated

-Latest cloud firmware


Hi there,

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Have you tried setting the safepoint with the drive attached to the My Cloud?

Also you may try disabling the security on that computer to test the safepoint.

Hi and thanks for your reply. Yes and my apologies for leaving that out. It works with a drive attached to it and have attempted with all security disabled. Same issue.