Safe Point creation 3000 - Unknown error (share_discover_9)

I am receiving this error when attempting to create a safepoint and connect to any listed devices.  I have connectivity wired ethernet, I have rebooted the My Book Live.  Any solutions or known causes?


30000  - Unknown error. Please ensure you are not facing network connectivity issues and try again.

Hi, check if the thread below helps.

Thank you for response.

I did try using a static IP and got the same issue, or should I say no change in problem.

I then changed the way my iMac shared Network files and folders to SMB (Windows).

That did change something, because then I was presented with a login request

User Name


I was however unable to gain access with any combination of user name or passwords.  ie my login to my iMac account or Admin or anything.  I saw some comments in other threads about using anonymous as login with no password and that failed to work either.  I am stuck right now.

Still working at it.

Any solutions from anyone appreciated.