Runtime Error Windows 10

Hello there.

I have an external western digital my book 1TB and I tried to connect it to my new laptop (windows 10 64 bit). When I run the unlocker.exe and type the password, then click unlock I get a Runtime error message that the unlocker.exe had to be closed.

What can I do?


Have you tried on a different computer? if yes, do you get the same issue?

Yes I tried in two differents computers same Operative System but I have the same problem

Is there an update for Windows 10? Sounds like the unlocker.exe version is not compatible with Windows 10.

Can you run compatibility assistant in Windows 10 on unlocker.exe?

W10 is famous for rejecting older apps with compatibility issues and in some cases, removing the software altogether. I’ve had apps disappear that W10 did not like.