Running xampp?


I’ve been looking around and haven’t found anything as of yet with solid information as to whether you can run something like XAMPP or MAMP on My Cloud.

Being a web dev it’d be great to set up a local web server on the box so that I can work on local websites from my laptop or desktop without having to stick to one machine.

Thanks in advance.

I have not seen these applications running in a WD My Cloud so far. However, skilled Community members are always discovering new things to do with the unit. Hopefully someone has tried something similar.

Xampp - no way.

It’s a Windows application and there is no way to run .exe on any Linux without some virtual machine(ex. Wine) which is way too much for our Dual cores.

But I don’t see why you need Xampp. You already have apache installed and you only need mysql. Php is also installed already. 

I’m planing to install perl on mine device so I’ll say later did Cloud survived :smiley:

Update: Perl installed sucessfully and running fine.

Next goal is mysql and cpan

XAMPP in linux called LAMPP.

And yes - Apache/NGinx + PHP5 + MySQL run perfect on this NAS. (But need some tuning)

If you ise original firmware - you need restoce original configs.

MySQL and other things can be installed from my repo.

Also you can replace firmware to original debian (w/o WD tools) and install what you want from official debian repo.


Wasn’t perl already installed? You’ll just need to enable apache’s cgi. I would recommend fcgi instead, it’s faster than php’s cgi/fpm/mod (php can’t make it, try hold F5 on your browser for just few seconds and see it crashes the nas).

Cpan is quite tough on this nas, I gave up on v4, v3 still manageable. I ended up building them off the nas then install the built package.

Not all PERL libraries that I need.

Thanks for the CPAN, I’ll consider not-installing it.

About php and the dashboard- I’ve noticed that it sends too much uncotrolled request so it consumes too much cpu and ram. I started building my own dashboard.

Now I have authenticantion hardcoded automatically when I go on the index page(I have hardcoded my username and password for the rest and I’m using htaccess if request is send outside the home network) and I’m making some controllers which I need for the device.

My plan is to stop using WD dashboard.

Agreed on the php dashboard part, too many rest call (ajax) on one page. This caused a few worker processes to be triggered unnecessarily. Think it would work wonders if we could bundle the rest call one shot per request. Something like threaded queue.