Running VPN Server on My cloud

I know this subject has been discussed before but I have not seen any concrete solution to this. I have the 4 TB My Cloud (not single bay) that I want to run vpn server on it. A search in google returns so many discussions but none has clear solution. I know there is a clean guide for doing this in MBL (even though the links there are invalid now).
Can anybody point me to how to do this? I do prefer openVPN since it seems to be very reliable but any other vpn is also ok.
I don’t want to sign up for those free vpn services because I don’t really trust what they are doing with my data for giving it free of charge and I am thinking since I already have running os why not have it run vpn service.
Thanks for your help

If you do not have a single bay/single drive My Cloud device (the general subject of this subforum), then what specific My Cloud model do you have?

If your router supports OpenVPN you could go that route. For example quite a few Asus routers have support for OpenVPN.

Thanks for your reply
Here is the drive I have

My router is AT&T Uverse Pace 5268AC Gateway. It doesn’t support VPN

That is a single bay/single drive My Cloud unit. Just because the ATT Uverse router/gateway doesn’t support it doesn’t mean you cannot run a second router behind it (put the ATT Uverse router/gateway into bridge mode) or run OpenVPN Server on a device on the local network (spare computer or even Raspberry Pi device).

The single bay My Cloud devices are generally underpowered and may bog down trying to run an OpenVPN server on top of the existing modules in the stock firmware. You may have to go with a “clean OS” if you can, depending on the single bay My Cloud version. A “clean OS” is one where you replace the stock firmware with another OS.

Doing an internet search uncovers the following discussion but not sure its actually installing the OpenVPN server:

Thank you so much for your help.
That is pretty good info to get me started

I’d also suggest just getting a Pi, hooking it up to your router via Ethernet and using that to host the OpenVPN server. I’ve had one running on a Pi2 on my home network for years, and it works utterly reliably.

Some of the links below may be of interest. I used the first one to set up mine (I know it’s Debian 8, but it works under Raspbian too) but the PiVPN may be simpler.

Thanks a lot DarrenHill for sharing those links. They are really helpful.
The idea was since I am already running linux dist on mycloud, why getting another hardware for VPN server.
Looks like from what Bennor mentioned that the hardware is incapable of running such services.
So I think I will head towards router that support VPN. My main goal was to have the ability to mount the drive remotely. I have many videos and when I am not in home network, with the provided mycloud app I can only downloads video instead of streaming it.
I also have tons of songs that I want to stream to my iphone via MediaServer when I am away from home.

The My Cloud does not run a generic Linux “distro”. It is modified, and in the case of the first gen v4.x single bay My cloud uses a different page file size (4k) than standard Linux distros. There is also the issue of missing modules in the My Cloud firmware where by if one attempts to do an apt-get they can actually brick their My Cloud.

It’s not that hard. It’s the same thing as with every other activity in our age. Just open a step-by-step guide and follow it. This site will help you.

I try my file config but not success. "Options error: Unrecognized option or missing parameter(s) in duchieu.ovpn:11: tls-version-min (2.3.0)
Use --help for more information.

Here is NordVPN if you are interested.