Running videos in public folders and local network - my book live

Sometimes it is hard to run videos located on Public fles/shared videos inside my local network using my ipad. is there some special configuration or consideration I’m missing? Any advice to improve this will be appreciated

by the wak, the videos are no longer than 4-30 MB’s

Mak_Villarin wrote:

Sometimes it is hard to run videos located on Public fles/shared videos inside my local network using my ipad.

More info, please?   What do you mean by “it is hard?”   Are you getting errors or something?

I mean, even the video file is small 3-40 MB’s, it takes a lot to start playing the video and suddenly stops and again take a lot to continue.

I have internet of 200 MB’s (fiber optic). Wirelessly, my ipad indicates about 20-40 MB’s. So I’m sure the issue is not the bandwidth 

The size of a video file is irrelevent.   It’s the bitrate that matters.  

Also, please don’t use abbreviations, because the way you’re describing it is impossible:   200 MB means 200 MegaBYTES per second, which would require 10 gigabit ethernet connectivity.   No ISP I’ve ever heard of offers that to home users.

I’m guessing you mean 200 mb (or 200 megabits per second).   And do you actually have 200 mb UPLOAD speed with your internet? 

Your internet bandwidth is only part of the picture.  It’s the slowest link between wherever you are and your MBL that matters.  So even if you’re on 200 mb/s internet, and somewhere connected at 20-40mb/sec via WiFi, if those two places only have 2 mb/sec between them, it’s not going to work very well.

But if you’re even having trouble playing videos within your own home network, then I have no idea what the issue would be.   I often watch 2 GB files via my iPad with no issues at all.    Starts within seconds and plays fine.

What model iPad do you have, BTW, where your WiFi speeds are that high?    I can’t get more than 15-20 mb/s on my iPad 3.

To clarify, you’re right I’m talking about 200 mb of bandwidth at home.

My ISP delivers this in a symmetric way (200 mb upload/download)

I have an iPad 4 and my troubles are playing videos in my own home network.

I’m using a dual band router at home (2.5 Mhz and 5 Mhz) and measuring the wifi speed I have reached even more than 50 mb/s, but the regular one is between 20-40 mb/s (I measure the wifi speed using Ookla speedtest).

For such facts I’m sure the issue is not related to bandwith but to some configuration in my book live or in my ipad.

Many thanks for your interest helping me

Hi, some advice to fix my issue?