Running Music Video Playlist on WDTV

I have just purchased a WDTV Live the issue I have is getting a Music Video Playlist to run correctly these are the Folders I have created which work fine

Actions Movies
Horror Movies
Music Video’s
Si Fi Movies
Under each Category they have there own name
So Action Movies will be

Action Movies/Die Hard for example in the Die Hard Folder will be the MP4 and so on

In the Music Video Folder it will be similar
Music Video/ACDC Folder inside the ACDC Folder will be all the MP4 Music Video’s of their songs
Music Video/ACDC FOLDER-TNT.mp4
and so on
you get the gist of it
I have all my MP3’s & MP4’s in this Music Folder in their own Folders
The Problem I have is I have setup a playlist using Playlist Creator 3.6.2
I have created the .M3U Playlist File, but it doesn’t seem to matter whether I place it in the folder of where the songs are, but I can see the playlist and it starts the first song ok but doesn’t continue to the next song just go’s back out to where you see all the songs.

I have tried Creating a Playlist Folder in the Root Directory of the WDTV same thing I can see the playlist when I enter on it brings up all the songs but again I select the playlist it starts the first song plays fine but stops at the end of the first song and go’s back to the Menu

#EXTINF:370, - -
ACDC high voltage 1979.mp4
#EXTINF:920, - -
ACDC & STONES!!!.mp4
#EXTINF:380, - -
ACDC & The Rolling Stones - Rock Me Baby.mp4
#EXTINF:373, - -
ACDC (Paris 1979) [02]. Live Wire.mp4
#EXTINF:211, - -
ACDC (Paris 1979) [03]. Shot Down in Flames.mp4
#EXTINF:265, - -
ACDC (Paris 1979) [04]. Hell Ain’t a Bad Place to Be.mp4
#EXTINF:301, - -
ACDC (Paris 1979) [05]. Sin City.mp4
#EXTINF:50, - -

This is what comes up when I open the .M3U file
It runs fine if I select the .M3U file on my computer plays all the songs in sequence but not on the WDTV
Could someone please help me as I am obviously doing something wrong

Pressing “OK” button (in the centre of the arrows) plays just one title, whereas pressing the “play” button, WDTV will play that title and go on to play all the titles. I’m sorry if this is too obvious and not the solution!

Thankyou very much for your help, I am stupid, I was pressing the center button only, I pressed the play button and it works fine sorry for being a pest and again thankyou.

Good. “Greatest Hell’s Hits” (2cd) just came today, good buddy!