Running GitLab on PR2100

Hello everyone,

I’m want to run a GitLab server on my PR2100 (running 2.31.204 firmware) without doing hardcore stuff such as installing a clean linux distro. Here’s what I figured so far:

  1. The OS some kind of debian based linux.
  2. It has Docker version 1.7.0, build 0baf609.

Unless there’s something I’m missing, might it be as straight forward as copying a GitLab docker image ( and just running it? Does anyone have any experience with what I’m about to attempt?


Yup, it just works. The only extra step besides pulling and starting the the docker image is to remap the image’s ports (443, 80, and 22) to something unused by the host (8433, 8080, 8022). Besides that, I should probably add an init script so it will start the server when the NAS reboots.

Hope this helps someone.

Update 2:

GitLab docker takes up about 50% of the ram, has considerable CPU usage, has extremely laggy web UI, and prevents the disks from going to sleep. Since I need a git server for personal use, I switched to gogs, which works great on the PR2100.