Running first backup

Started first back up. Been sitting at zero bytes with nothing happening for 20 minutes. The light on the passport is flashing fast meaning working. Is there an active progression screen available nothing is happening in the box still says 0% complete after 20 minutes

If you are using WD Backup, Then you can check the services given in below mentioned steps and change the services to “Automatic” and see if this works or not.

  1. Verify the WD Backup Drive Helper services starts when WD Backup is opened.
  • Access the Services panel:

    • Open Services using the Run panel:
      • Click on Start (Windows logo) at the bottom-left of the screen
      • Type Run and press Enter
      • In the Run panel, type services.msc and press Enter
    • Open Services using Control Panel :
      • Right-click (or left-click if using Windows 7) on Start (Windows logo) at the bottom-left of the screen
      • Click on Control Panel
      • Click System and Security
      • Click Administrative Tools
      • Click on Services
  • Open WD Backup software from the Start Menu or from the icon tray.

    • Verify if the WD Backup Drive Helper process changes to Running when WD Backup is started.
    • If the process does not change to the Running status, the Service should be changed to Automatic
      to force the service to start at the time of system boot.