Running Darklight Theme by Tinwarble on SMP


 I realise that “Darklight (Beta) release” is for the Live and Tinwarble is doing great work. I am sure when he his able and got time will give guidance for using with SMP.

Has any one downloaded it to the SMP yet and tried it, if so what is your experience of doing this ?


I extracted the directories and rezipped the file, but it still gives an error that its an invalid file.  After looking at it, I doubt it can be used because almost all the graphic files in it are png.

I wish WD would add the png support.  I like this media player a lot, but its like WD rarely ever replies here.

This media player also has to support transparencies, because on the default Mochi theme, the entire command bar on the bottom has transparency to it.

I too downloaded it and re-zipped it so that it was the same structure as the zip package of another theme I got here that works.  It did not work for me either.  I looked at the contents of this theme and it differs in the xml files (the quantity and naming). 

I’m surprised it differs and does not work as I read on here the HUB and SMP themes are interchangable because hey are the same devices with the exception of the internal HD.  But maybe the person that posted that was wrong?

I too would love to get Darklight working on our SMP and would make the changes to the files myself … if I knew what the heck to do.  :slight_smile:

Tinwarble  wrote in the  Mojo-for-the-SMP Thread, he will post it there , if there is a version for the SMP!

Unlike the WDTV Live hub, The SMP uses the flash memory to store the user Themes and there is only enough room for one user supplied theme, That theme needs to be slim and not take too much of flash space.

The WDTV Live SMP will refuse to accept the user theme if it exceeds the file size, It will also refuse if the directory structure is not correct

The correct way to Zip a file would be like this…

ROOT directory

*.xml files

This needs to be zipped and a filename given

If WDTV SMP likes the file structure/Size it will display congratulations! from the Web UI

See this post, user  shadow_cruiser has already documented the steps.

I agree with what Vista says here.  But what I found with the ZIP being smaller than my other 1 user theme already loaded, and the zip having the file/folder structure the same as my other custom theme that is working (like he lists here) … and my ZIP having a small name with no spaces in it … it won’t upload to the SMP.  It gives an error. 

So there is something different about the current version of the Darklight beta contents.


I have WDTVlive SMP.

I tired to install the darklight theme from the browser (firefox, chrome) but no success.

I get the message saying “invalid file”.

Has anyone got through this.



The "Darklight " theme is missing a “meta.xml” file, just copy one from another theme into Darklight rezip and it should then upload ok.


so you mean i can just copy from the meta.xml from mojo theme and put it in darklight and rezip it.

will it work, i shall try today and see.

thanks very much for the info.


Yes it Will.


Thanks it has worked,

It shows new firmware, can i update with new firmware now or do i have to be on the old one itself.


Also i have one more question, Can i install multiple themes like black mamba on my SMP and then when i turn on my SMP I can choose which one i want.

Can multiple themes be installed on SMP?