Rugged Nomad Case for model # WDBEMM0010BBK


I purchased ‘My Passport’ 2 years back but a month back it stopped detecting the partitions. I got it replaced as it was still under warranty. The new drive that they sent me was a new model shown here:

Model # of the old drive: WDBACX0010BBK

Model # of the new drive: WDBEMM0010BBK

I want to buy Rugged Nomad case for this new model but i am not really sure whether the Nomad case is compatible with this model. I opened a case with WD and the reply that i received yesterday is this: “Your Passport drive’s depth is 3.20 inches and the nomad case is  4.4 Inches, while the unit might fit in the case it  is only intended to be  used with the model numbres lilsted on our page as the protection will not be warrantied with any other drive.”

I have few questions:

  1. First of all, if the customer care guy is skeptical about the compatibility, i don’t understand why WD guys have a link to Ruggd Nomad case in the above URL for the new model?

  2. If the link to the Ruggd Nomad case in the above URL is just for customers to explore WD’s accessories, why the same link is not on any of their other passport models’ (My Passport Slim/My Passport Ultra/WD Elements) page?



The Passport drive you have (WDBEMM0010BBK) is not compatible with the WD Nomad Case. This drive will not fit.


If that’s the case, i would like to know why WD guys have a link to Ruggd Nomad case in the following URL for the new model? Isn’t that a misleading information?

Hi Technext, note that the WDBBEP and WDBKXH from the My Passport specifications list, also show up on the Nomad compatibility list. 

Thanks for replying but my model # starts with WDB E

What you have mentioned has series WDB B… & WDB K

My concern is whether my model whose fourth letter is E (insted of B or K as mentioned by you) is compatible?

Have you guys actually forgotten to update this Nomad page for compatibility with model WDBEMMxxxx?

Hmm, seems that model is very region specific. But going off the following page (and a few others) the physical size is identical to the 500GB models listed on your link.

At least, all of these pages in Russian seem to state the depth is 4.37 inches on your WDBEMM…

So really given that the 500gb drives are listed as being compatible I see no reason why your drive wouldn’t go right in, unless the USB port was in a different place or something. Can someone from WD please confirm that you have actually checked that model and specifically found it to be incompatible?

Hi Zatick,

Thanks a lot for your time and help! I really appreciate it.

I had also opened a ticket few days back for the same query and was also following up on FB (

Finally, i did receive a reply after few follow-ups from a guy named ‘Victor Serrano’ (WD Customer Support). This is what he had to say: “I did further research on your case  and found that your dirve IS compatible with the nomad case, Your WDBEMM0010BBK is the European model equivalent of the American WDBBEPxxxx.”

At least someone from WD finally did some research and replied with a ‘concrete’ answer.