Rubber "Feet"

I have a My Passport external hard drive.
It has 4 small square rubber “feet” on the corners of the underside. (I assume they function as shock-absorbers and/or to grip the surface the drive is placed on.)
However, they fell off and got lost.
I’d like to replace them.
I called WD and they won’t send out a few of these rubber pieces.
Does anyone have any idea how and where I can get them?

They’re just there to stop it slipping on smooth surfaces … they won’t absorb any shock especially if you drop the hard drive.

You won’t find the exact size, but look on Ebay there’s plenty of adhesive rubber feet that will do the job

Example: These are larger, but would do a better job preventing the drive from slipping

Thank you for the reply.
There are little square grooves on the bottom of my hard drive for the pieces to partially fit into, hence I would prefer finding the exact ones.
I do find it odd that WD won’t sent me a few. They would rather replace the whole drive!