RSYNC Test and SSH host errors for remote backup

Since the release of the latest firmware update our remote backup has been failing. This started before I updated the firmware which I hoped would fix it but it didn’t. I am trying to do a remote update to another NAS server which has always worked before. Now I am getting the following errors:

Remote backup cannot proceed due to an unknown SSH host.

Remove backup cannot proceed due to a failed RSYNC Test.

I am not an IT expert, just an Office Manager with knowledge of IT that isn’t too bad! Please help me work out how to rectify the issue as we currently don’t have anything backed up!

The SSH keys may be different in the latest firmware release.
Maybe your problem is resolved after these steps:

  • remove the key from the hosts file on the remote box
  • setup the rsync again

Are you able to SSH in the remote box and SSH from there into the PR4100?
It would be helpful if you add more information about the boxes you want to connect to and from.

Hi, I have the same problem as Jennielouises but don´t know how to remove the key from the hosts file on the memote box.
Also I don´t know how to setup the rsync again.
Maybe you could help me out here please? Thanks in advance!