RSS Video from WD default feeds won't play

Whenever I select one of the default Western Digital feeds with video, it never plays.  It just shows the spinning ‘wait cursor’ for several seconds and then an empty screen.  My internet connection is fine because the services (e.g. Pandora) work with no problems.  Any ideas?

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Hi there, what about your custom feeds? And what if you try a factory reset to see if it helps?

I have tried a full factory reset with the same results.  I haven’t tried any custom feeds with video but I assumed if I can’t get the default WD ones to work I wouldn’t get others to work.  Do you have any recommendations for custom feeds to try?  Thanks.

Some people had previously set firewall rules in their router blocking certain WD sites, so they wouldn’t be bothered with Firwmare notices.   Are you one of those?

No, I’ve only had the box for a few weeks and haven’t blocked any sites on my router.