RSS menu option missing from WD TV Live Hub

When/is the RSS feed feature on the WD TV Live Streaming coming to the WD TV Live Hub?

It doesn’t appear to be in the 2.8.13 firmware.

Well, only WD knows when and if this will be added to the WD TV Live Hub, unfortunately, they hardly say what will be implemented in the added in future firmware updates.

According to WD Support, the WD TV Live Hub and Live Streaming are supposed to have identical UI.

Do I have to buy a Live Hub and the Live Streaming just to get RSS and a hard disk?

The UI’s are identical.   That doesn’t mean that the functionality is…

There are a number of features on the Hub that are not (and never will be) on the Hub, and vice versa.

But, if the UIs are identical, then RSS wouldn’t be missing from the main menu. I think it is just the theme that is the same.

Worst, when you buy the Live Hub (the top of the product line) you expect that it will have a superset of the features of the product. However, while having almost every feature of the Live Streaming, the Live Hub does not have the RSS feature.

Are there any other features that the Live Hub does not have? I would like to know if the RSS feature is coming and when so I can decide whether to return the Live Hub or not.

The RSS is a feature and not part of the UI.  The UI is how it looks and works not the included features.

Also, this is a “USER” forum, no one here knows when or even if the HUB will get the RSS feature.  If you want an answer to this you should contact WD support and see if they can give you an answer, although I doubt they will.

WD Support said they could not comment… I didn’t realize this was just a “user” forum. I asked for a connection to the developers and was directed here.

Thanks for all of your help. I’ll probably just return the Live Hub and get the Live Streaming. Seems easier!