RSS feeds update

Some issues were already reported. Since Mediafly doesn’t works anymore, RSS functionality is an option to substitute it.  I have transfered all my feeds from Mediafly to RSS but I was not able to find a function to force the updating of the feeds except to force a reboot since WDTV Hub does not update the feeds automatically. Have I lost something in manual?

there is no need to force it as far as I know…

what firmware are you running? 

have you tried the usual… resetting or power cycle>?

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Thanks Wizer. I run 3.03.13. If I power it down and then on WDTV will update all the feeds but I have to wait some time  until the media library compilation process is completed. I could turn OFF the Media Library Compilation but is this a real solution? Normally I use my set in stand by mode so I have it ready in the net. In stand by mode WDTV does not updates the RSS feeds.

If I set RSS Ticker (manual page 182) to SHOW  it will display “RSS updating …” but no feed is updated.

I have not yet tried a reset.