RS232 to USB

Has anybody connected the RS232 output of the gen1 to a PC? If so what is the model of the converter that you used?

You’ll probably need to install drivers for an RS232 adapter.

Connected two different RS232 adapters to my first gen My Cloud running v04.04.05-101. Both throw an unsupported device error USB message.

Belkin F5U409

Unsupported USB device

An unsupported USB device has been detected (vendor: Belkin USB PDA Adapter, model: 0109, serial number: 097810).

Friday, January 06, 2017 3:54:00 PM Code 1120

Keyspan USA-19QW

Unsupported USB device

An unsupported USB device has been detected (vendor: 06cd, model: 0118, serial number: ).

Friday, January 06, 2017 3:57:59 PM Code 1120

I’m looking for an adapter to connect to the motherboard of the gen1. It is a TTL to USB adapter. Someone has
configured this to work.

RS232 = Com port, not UART (Different voltage levels, but same protocol).
You trying to connect usb to wd or wd to pc (via uart)?

Almost all info you can found on my arhive:

I’m looking to connect the UART to a PC. I think it would help when the device loses the
network connection. To be able to troubleshoot the problem.


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Ahh got it. Thought you were interested in seeing if a USB > Serial adapter would work. Well at least now we know it won’t work without (I assume) drivers of some sort being added via SSH. :smile:

The question would be if the drivers did exist. Would you be able to talk to the my cloud when the network
is not working?

Good question. No idea. Would be an interesting workaround if it was possible to use the serial to comm into the My Cloud if the network port was dead.

Interesting, wonder if the three pinouts (gnd, tx, rx) are even connected via PCB tracings?

I think they have to be connected. This is the only way for developers to work on the device.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen discussion of the use of these pins. Might even have been fox_exe.

Bennor. Yes the traces are connected. I just completed connecting the traces
to a 3 conductor jack attached to the back of the My Cloud. I then used
the USB to TTL adapter I bought to connect my laptop. I then captured a complete
log of a boot from power up.