I couldn’t seem to find clear information on what rpm the HDDs operate at.
I’m particularly interested in the external portable hard drives (WD Elements portable, my passport, my passport essential) and the external desk drives (WD Elements desktop, my book essential).

I require an external HDD that operates AT LEAST at 5400rpm and is NOT RAID type.

Does the size of HDD have any influence on the rpm (or vice versa)

I just want some clarification before I spend a lot of money!

Many thanks

(will xpost in my book)

drives are normally 5400rpm or 7200rpm (standard 2.5 and 3.5).

WD Raptor and SCSI can spin at 10000 and more

Normally WD use Scorpio blue as internal drives for the Passports and elements. (This is not official info) So, if you search for those drive specifications.