RPi3 and Pi Drive, getting Lightning Bolt Icon in Raspbian



I’m having the same problem. When powering my Pi 3 B+ together with PiDrive 375GB with original WD 3A power supply, Pi doesn’t even boot. It get’s stuck at the rainbow screen and is showing the lightning bolt while the red LED is blinking. I have only connected a keyboard via USB and monitor on HDMI.

So I would be happy to also test the low resistance cable if it helps.

BTW: If it is known for about a year that the cable is a problem why is the same cable still shipped out? I have received mine yesterday.


It looks like they are basically shutting down WD Labs so I assume they are just going to keep selling what they have until it is gone.


Just found that thread. Simililar Probs and a hanging PI. So my project is sleepping…

The Original cable with mechanical switch even having AWG20 wires (sounds good and thick) loses ~0,17V beetween output and PI (consumption 700 mA / 3,5W). Which is pretty much if the power supply is only 5 Volt.

In another forum I’ve read that the PI may put down the USB-Ports for stabilizing its own power.
This happened to me and afterwards the disk is not longer /dev/sda it becomes /dev/sdb which is a worse scenarion if it is your root disk.

I do have the same in a different environment with an SSD direct connected to USB without DragonCalble.

My solution now (not tested over a longer time) is having a power supply (MeanWell) with an adjustable output (4,8 - 5,5v) so now the PI has 5,2V on its input.