RPi 3 - with PiDrive 314 PSU question

Reading the Raspi.org blog and some of the topics on this forum there is not a full replay to the question of the use of Pi3 with the PiDrive 314.

The replies say use the 5V 2.5A supply But the official Pi3 supply is a 5.1V 2.5A supply. I know that this is a small increase in the supply voltage but will this cause a problem with the PiDrive 314.

Not being to electrical savvy - is the PiDrive 314 able to deal with this increase in voltage.

I’m using the PiDrive with a pi3 on the cable PSU of 5v 2A and get the “PI Rainbow Square” of low power during the boot stage on the berryboot system starts the Pi3 on the standard PI OS (RASBIAN - I’m Dyslexic and sure this is spelt wrong - so please Do not correct me on this more than once!! :smile:!)

But once booted the system appears to run without problem.
Unhappy to run with the official Pi3 supply till I have better answer that this will not damage the PiDrive 314.

I’m using a 5V 2.5A Power Supply with the Raspberry Pi 3 + 314GB PiDrive

and have never had any power issues.

PiDrive is only drawing about 200mA … Voltage is 5.12V but haven’t had any issues using my 5V

Sure, i get the “Rainbow Screen” for a second and then disappears … which personally i don’t worry about.
If it was getting Stuck or Flashing on the Rainbow Screen … then i “would” worry

Also, although i’ve read the Pi3 by default already runs … max_usb_current=1
it might be worth manually putting it in the config.txt if you havent already

Hi, I’m on the WDLabs team. No problem using a 5.1V adapter on the 314 drive. In fact, we’re working on sourcing a 5.1V 2.5A or 3A adapter that we can offer on the WDLabs store. Thanks.

Thanks for the info, this makes me happier to run the 5.1V supply. knowing that the labs are looking to source them for the product.

Thanks Joey this shows that it is safe to run the drive on the official supply.