Router not detecting WD Elements SE

Hello i was having a problems with my WD Elements SE it will not be detected by my router

i have a D-link DSL-2888A router and it will detect my other hard drive and USBs but not this one?
can anyone help me?

The D-link user manual states that it’s a USB2.0 port (even though it looks like a Blue USB3.0 port)

If your WD Elements SE is USB3.0 (all the ones i own are) … then the router most probably can’t provide enough power to the USB3.0 drive.

A powered USB Hub should resolve the issue.

In saying all of that, the other causes could be (i say “could”, because you haven’t provided enough information)

The Hard drive capacity … Routers/Smart TV etc have a Maximum Supported Capacity (Commonly 2TB)

The Hard drive format … what format are the working USB drives ? FAT32, exFAT or NTFS ? is the WD Elements formatted the same ?

The Hard drive partition table … what partition table are the working USB drives using ? MBR or GPT (GUID Partition Table)

Some devices only support MBR which has a Max Capacity of 2TB … GPT support up to and greater than 2TB

The USBs are FAT32 and partitioned to MBR and the hard drive is exFAT and partitioned to the GUID
I hope this gives you enough information and thank you for the idea of the powered USB hub I will try it soon.