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One of the reasons I purchased MyCloud was to access my personal info remotely through iOS devises and pc’s.  I’ve got the iOS part down but I’m somewhat unclear regarding remote pc access to my data on MyCloud.  A couple of questions:

1. I want to access my data on McCloud from my pc at work.  As such, I went to and logged in.  After logging in I noticed that MyCloud appeared to be "mapped"as a network drive in Windows Explorer.  This makes me nervious as I have multiple company servers/drives mapped and I’m not clear if somehow others could see my MyCloud data or if somehow my data could backed up within the company website.  While I beleive the answer is no to both of these questions, I’m hoping someone could pacify me.

2.  If the approach to accessing my data on a remote pc is thru the webpage I provided in the link above, is there a proper way of “disconnecting” the drive from the remote pc once I am done?  For instance, highlight the MyCloud drive in Windows Explorer, right click and select disconnect.

3.  Is there a different approach to accessing MyCloud from a remote pc where MyCloud isn’t mapped as a drive.  For instance, could a web page open wth the data and i could drag and drop to the pc desk top? 

Thanks in advance for any info you can provide…John

  1.  That’s impossible to know for certain.   If this is a work PC, then you have little to no control over what the PC is doing.

  2.  That’s one way.   Another way is to use the same webpage that created the mapped drive and select the disconnect button from there.

  3. You could potentially use the My Cloud Desktop app.  But no, there’s not a web-based file browser like you describe.

Reply to beachfarmer,

See the User Manual, , and read Accessing Your Cloud Remotely►Accessing Your Personal Cloud on the Web, be sure to read P73.

For No. 2 see image below, Yes, one way of disconnecting is to right click on the mapped link and click on disconnect.


For No. 3 have you used the desktop app and tried drag and drop. This may help, click on this link, and then the My Cloud │How It Works tab.

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1)  Thanks, but hoping there was a different answer.  When the drive mounts to the office computer you would think there would be some form of privacy/security between the office network and my MyCloud whereby my files couldn’t be accessed.  From what I’ve read, MyCloud is targeted towards the consumer and not business.  It would seem appropriate that there would be a simple form of web access to MyCloud instead of the drive mounting approach.  I’m still hoping to be pacified!

  1. acknowledged

  2. still looking for approach

  1. I currently have my router allowing outside connections, so I can’t test on my side, but can you connect and ask someone in the next cube/office over if they can access on their machine?

  2. How about enabling FTP and using Filezilla or your ftp client of choice? This way you can drag and drop back and forth.