Rookie mistake and a question about "No Sleep"


I am a newbie to the entire NAS-thing (MyCloud) and i did try to serch the forums for this but couldn’t find any answer that i could understand.

Is there a relatively easy way to see if some software on your PC is accessing MyCloud?

The reason i’m asking is a little bit embarassing, but here it is:

I’ve had the MyCloud for about a month and everything has been working flawlessly . Today i looked at MyCloud and the blue led was not “pulsating” despite nothing was accessing it. I feared that my MyCloud had developped the “Will not go to sleep” syndrome and started trubleshooting - with my limited knowledge on how to do this. I got really frustrated until i looked on a music-streaming device i have connected to my network: normally it has a white led on when its idle, but today the led was green. I then checked the iPad APP that controls the streaming device and i realised that insted of stopping the music i had accidentally muted the device so it was streaming music from the music library i have on MyCloud. :flushed:

Anyway, during this “troubleshooting” i wondered if there is a way to find out if your antivirus, imaging software or something else is accessing the MyCloud device.

Sorry for the lengthy post,
Any help will be appreciated, thanks


Unfortunately, there’s no simple way to do it, but there is a way if you’re at all techminded.

You can run Wireshark on your PC, and set up a capture filter that captures any traffic between your PC and the My Cloud.

Then by looking at that traffic, you can make some inferences on whether it’s keeping the disk awake.

If you are comfortable from a command prompt you could run netstat.  If you want a gui, if using windows look at the Microsoft systernal tools suite, specifically tcpview.  I don’t know an equivalent gui tool for a mac, but a quick search showed “little snitch”.

systernals tcp view



Thanks for the suggestions travonius and TonyPh12345.

I will give them both a try, once i read up on how to use them.

I am using a PC and know my way arund and inside the PC  (i.e. NOT an expert) but i know close to nothing about networks. So i’ll have to spend some time reading up on the software that you guys suggested.


I recommend staying away from wireshark.  You will probably have not much of a clue what’s going on unless you are familiar with decoding network packets.  TCPVIEW is very simple to use and i think it will be pretty intuitive for you.  It will show the process name and the IP address that it is talking to.

To see the connections with your wd mbl in real time I suggest you install iptraf (dont know if you void your waranty)

or just enter ssh and issue the “netstat” command

Thanks andreaspf8585, i’ll have a look at iptraf.

For now tcpview seem to do the job. Well, i don’t understand most of it but it lists some entries with MyCloud as recipient.
I still have a lot to learn but now at least i know what to read up on.
Anyway, thanks for your suggestions.