Rolling back to plain latest firmware (removing custom installs)

I have been playing around with my MBL for a while now… installed OwnCloud, Bittorrent Sync, upgraded twonky, h5ai index listing, featurepacks, and some optware… I see my box is tired of my playing with it, and I see it is becoming slower and never going to sleep… so I want to go back to step one, where there is only the plain latest WD firmware on it (which is the one I am using now [02.42.02-012])…

Is there a way to do this without loosing my data (pics, music, video and dox)?

Thanks in advance.

Yes sir, just reinstall the latest fixed firmware from the dashboard

I actually did a restore using the comand:

/usr/local/sbin/ noreformat

but everything is still there (owncloud, featurepacks, h5ai, and so on… except the bittorrent sync, that does not have a start on reboot option)…

Does the .deb add something to what I have already done?

Absolutely, the restore just resets some dashboard settings to default, it will not delete mods. The firmware update will write a clean OS to the drive and retain all your data and dashboard settings.

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thanks so much! worked great!

will it do the same with rolling back?? I’ve been wanting to roll back to 021109-053 but I don’t want to lose any files.

The dashboard won’t let you roll back the firmware unfortunately :frowning: There is a way, but I will have to PM you the guide if you are interested.

I was actually able to write down your old guide before they took it down I don’t even know how to thank you for it, my only concern is will I loose my data by rolling back or is it just the operating system files that are going to be affected??

Just the OS files, but you WILL have to recreate your users and share names in the dashboard to get access to the shares again. And if the shares remain in the dashboard but you can’t access the shares, rename the share and then rename it back.

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worked like a charm thanks nfodiz

No problem Theagustin :slight_smile: