Rolled back firmware to V3 now what do I do? (Shellshock)

The main reason I rolled back the firmware is that I couldn’t get a reliable safepoint on a USB attached MyBook with V4 even after running ChkDsk and reformatting the MyBook as suggested by WD Level 2 tech support.

I have rolled back to version 030401-230 using these instructions:

Safepoint now seems to be working well.

Is there anything else I should do until a new firmware version comes out that is more stable than v04.01.02-417?

The only thing I’ve seen that I might need to be concerned about is Shellshock but I don’t know if that is a real concern or not.

Hi NunyaBiznas, we have passed this along to support. Please check your private messages. 


I updated bash through the thread below you need to read it all the way through in case of new versions

I tried the original 2 line update but that still left vulnerabilities, so you need to use the longer method which changes the sources file.